First Look: LittlebigPlanet Karting (

Sackboy hits the road and has first details.

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mafiahajeri2401d ago

Whats the point of Modnation Racers then? If its full retail then it looks like a quick cash in attempt to me...

001852401d ago

You do realize MNR came out in 2010 right?

smashcrashbash2401d ago

Yeah I don't know why people keep talking about MNR. No one complains when a million FPSs come out one after the other on a console, now everyone is so concerned about two different cart racers. Also no offense to anyone who liked MNR but LBP Karting looks a whole lot more fun then MNR. That tank they had the sackboy driving has me pumped already

PirateThom2401d ago

It's replacing Mod Nation and, yes, it's cashing in on the more popular name.

Same developers as Mod Nation and, thus, the "spiritual sequel"

DrRichtofen2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

I'm ready for a LBP karting X MNR now

TheDCD2401d ago

A versus game would be a good idea...