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Joe Madureira has done a lot of things. He’s worked as a comic book artist for Marvel Comics, and even created his own comic series under the Wildstorm label called Battle Chasers. However, his experience with video games goes back to his time with Realm Interactive, which was later acquired by NCSoft, when he worked on the game that would later become known as Dungeon Runners. Madureira (Joe Mad to his friends) and David Adams eventually left NCSoft and founded Vigil Games in 2005. Since then, Vigil Games has been acquired by THQ, and is currently shepherding the post-apocalyptic franchise Darksiders. At a recent preview event for Darksiders 2 PSLS sat down with Joe Mad, Creative Director on Darksiders 2, to talk about his transition from comics to video games, the core tenets of the Darksiders franchise and even secret Nintendo assassins.

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doctorstrange2401d ago

Sounds like it's bigger, better and more badass

Sev2401d ago

Yeah, like they've really went all out on this one.

dbjj120882401d ago

Definitely looking forward to this game.

Baka-akaB2401d ago

I'm glad he finally succeeded in video games . All that while still kicking asses at Marvel