10.0 - Sine Mora Review (XBLA)

Written by Joseph Caballero - As a child my father would take me to the arcades, back when they had them, and for hours I’d play countless games enjoying the time of my life. I would insert quarter after quarter, trying to survive to finish the game. Unfortunately, that experience has never truly been felt now that consoles are the sole habitat for arcade games, at least until Sine Mora. Featuring over the top action, spectacular visuals, and wonderful gameplay that all tie together to bring a sense of nostalgia. What’s even better is that Sine Mora was designed for the older generation who grew up on classic arcade titles like Invaders and Galaga.

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honkyjesus2426d ago

I played a trial of this last night, and the price point was just a bit staggering for something like this. Also, the German or whatever with subs was upsetting.

Sometimes reviewers and other media get an idea of what a game is and they push that as a whole, instead of everyone just reporting on what they experienced.

mo money mo