CVG Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview

CVG writes:

"It's been a long time since we last sat down in front of Splinter Cell Conviction; so long, in fact, we're beginning to wonder if we really saw it at all. Did we really see Sam choking policemen, battering terrorists with chairs and putting foes through tables? Was it actually a mirage? Does Sam really have a beard now?."

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predator4570d ago

"When last we saw it, Conviction was the most ambitious game we had ever seen. Even nine months on, that remains the case. With the old Chaos Theory team working alongside the best Ubisoft has to offer, if it doesn't deliver in the most epic manner possible, we'll consider it a COMPLETE failure. Oh yes."

wow they have real high hopes for this, i do to as ive liked all of them so far, though we havent heard anything for a while now.

Gamingisfornerds4570d ago

The graphical detail was fantastic as were the character models. But the animations were clunky and awkward as hell and the object pick-up system they boasted clearly didn't deliver on the promise.

They said that if you picked up an object, Sam would actually pick up the object where he could as in real life. so if a chair was in an awkward position, he would reposition the chair in such a way, that he could pick it up naturally. This was not the case in the Ubidays demo video. The objects still 'magically fitted' into his hands and arms, so to speak.

Also, the explosions were one of the worst that I've ever seen and the AI was even worse than AC's AI. And the impression I got was that it wasn't as open ended as advertised.

But, it was very early and the delay didn't come as a huge surprise (at all) as it still needed a lot of work. But...

*put's on best Niko Belic imitation*

Perhaps now...things will be better!

predator4570d ago

i see what you mean, hopefully they have used the time to create another great splinter cell game

OOG FunK4570d ago

Yea I got high hopes for this game....esp after seeing how fluid they made the movements in AC and are suppose to use some of that for this it may actually deliver a fresh look into the splinter cell world

mesh14570d ago

as they are using the same engine assins creed belive u me this game will look breathe taking liek assasins creed on the xbox360 splinter cell is the grown up version of MGS

FirstknighT4570d ago

Oh THIS is a real stealth game. Keep your kiddie MGS game. I like me the realistic experience. Your not going to see Sammy take out a nudie magazine to heal his health here.

pirat10fc4570d ago

Another big exclusive.

And they may announce killer Instinct too.

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