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Freom the preview: "Two months ago I received the opportunity to fly out to San Francisco, California courtesy of THQ to preview Darksiders II. The trip went well except for two things that really stood out: spending roughly ten to twelve hours on a plane within a thirty-six hour time frame, and the fact that we couldn’t actually play the game itself. Like I stated in my preview article back in January, the presentation itself went really well and we learned quite a bit about the game and about Death himself, but I was kind of disappointed that we couldn’t at least play the demo that they showed us at the event. Fast forward two months to March 19th, 2012 and I received another opportunity to fly back out to San Francisco (again, flight and hotel courtesy of THQ) for another Darksiders II presentation, but this time we actually got the chance to try out the game. Let’s see how it turned out this time."


Sincerely apologize for the typo in the article title, should be "Darksiders II" , not Darkstalkers II.

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ElasticLove2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Darkstalkers II Preview?

Hicken2404d ago

The very same thing brought me here. Now I am confuse.

kesvalk2404d ago

he made a VERY BIG typo

it's darksiders 2, not darkstalkers...

my heart skipped a beat when i saw the title...

GamingNexus2404d ago

OMG, I cannot believe that I did that... better yet, I cannot believe it wasn't flagged prior to approval!!!! I sincerely apologize for the mistake and misleading anyone with the title.