Hot New Prototype 2 Screen Shots & Trailer

T-Hill writes: The 1st Prototype was super fun and came from the creative minds behind Hulk Ultimate Destruction you know whom I’m talking about yep that’s right Radical Entertainment. Being a fan of both franchises it always tickles me something fierce when I see pics like the ones below. If you weren’t sold on busting some heads Prototype 2 I’m sure you are now!

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Dlacy13g2404d ago

Wasnt' a fan of the first Prototype so I am leary of this one... Lets hope its better.

Dante1122404d ago

Wow, P2 looks to be even more graphic than the first one (pic with the guts spread out in the white background). Looks like you'll be able to pull off some crazy new moves as well. Never got around to playing the first game, but I'll keep an eye out for this one.

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