Next-gen consoles "putting fear in a lot of people's eyes"

A new wave of home consoles is provoking fear in the traditional video game sector and will accelerate the decline of innovative games, according to Doublesix CEO James Brooksby.

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DeadSpaced3024d ago

I don't see this happening like they say it will. They should quit claiming that this will be destructive to innovative games. The technology will be more complex and the equipment will be more expensive but I see no end to creativity.

FinaLXiii3024d ago

If that happens ill just stick with the old ones.

Shivan3024d ago

gaming is not in a great position right now

costs keep increasing, talent and originality keep decreasing.........

the gap between what consumers want and what devs think we want is increasing.......

frequentcontributor3024d ago

Well, I agree that increasing development costs and longer cycles to turn around new games will certainly make the bigger publishers wary of taking risks, but I'm not sure that any of that is new to console gaming. How many of the same old platformers were gamers forced to play in the 16-bit days because that's what was popular? Digital distribution can certainly recreate a gaming dev "middle class" that seems to have been disappearing. And gamers will eventually tire of zero originality, creating a backlash against what companies taking no risks are doing. You can bet that if customers start moving in droves away from consoles, those companies will change their strategies fast. I've also been seeing a lot of rumors that Sony and MS will be pushing more input originality than pure graphical power, next gen, for the very reasons that developers are worried about: out-of-hand dev costs and indifferent fans...

Derpy3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

It's not just the developers and publishers that are concerned. I think a lot of gamers are concerned too. Besides lack of innovation and costs, another thing that bothers me is the way DRM is getting more and more invasive on the consoles. Though I am a PC gamer at heart, I have been doing a lot of gaming on the consoles this generation to avoid the draconian DRM nonsense that is flooding the PC market, but if things are going to get just as bad on the console front, I'm wondering if I even want to bother with next gen consoles. Hopefully all the rumors I've been seeing on the net are not true.

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