Mass Effect 3 doesn't earn its ending

Mass Effect 3 violates the rules of its own fictional universe and doesn't "earn" its downer ending.

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RedDead2404d ago

I really hope this indoctrination thing is true, i'd give props to them for having the balls to do this.

Pintheshadows2404d ago

I'm on the fence about it. I'll admit the evidence is there, but if true it means the reaper threat is still present. That isn't what i'd consider an ending.

Saryk2404d ago

We wont know until the next game comes out, I doubt it is fleshed out in DLC, unless it is free DLC.

Lifeequals422403d ago

On principle, I'm usually against artists "updating" their works...the notable exception being Portal 1. Then again, Valve hadn't established an epic, sci-fi franchise before letting down its fanbase with an illogical, nonsensical conclusion.