Watch Bayonetta wicked weave her opponents in Anarchy Reigns

PlatniumGames have released gameplay footage of Bayonetta fighting Anarchy Reigns and confirmed she will be in the western version of the game.

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Legionaire20053030d ago

This game reminds me so much of Iron Phoenix.

That game back then was real fun!!!! Hope this game does the same. This game is a day one purchase for me. This is how fighting games should be done. I hope High Moon Studio (formerly named Sammy Studio) make another Iron Phoenix for both PS3/360/PC. The developers that is making Anarchy Reigns may claim to be the first open world fighting game, but it was High Moon Studio's underrated game Iron Phoneix that was the first. We the gamers!!! should start a petition to High Moon Studios to make a sequel to Iron Phoenix, after they finish Transformers.

HacSawJimThugin3030d ago

I knew it would be just a matter of time before they announced her in this I think I'll buy.

Hicken3030d ago

She fits the style of the game pretty well.

ShaunCameron3030d ago

Things like this is why I have a newfound interest in video games.

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