Mass Effect 3 Had A lot Of Good Stuff Too!! [Spoilers]

Default Prime author Kyree Leary is sick of hearing about the ending of Mass Effect 3. It seems like everyone only wants to talk about that and has forgotten that Mass Effect 3 had a lot of good stuff in it. In fact, most of the game is good.

The internet needs some joy in it, so let's recap some of the awesome moments from Mass Effect 3.

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NeoTribe2497d ago

Mass effect 3 had one of the best, if not the best ending of all time. Its 2nd to none grade A bioware quality at its finest.

Blacktric2497d ago

Agreed if the indoctrination theory turns out to be real. Only thing it's missing is the lack of good closure. That is all. But if indoctrination theory turns out to be false and if Bioware won't have any satisfying explanation to what happened, then it is destined to be remembered as one of the worst endings ever.

Pintheshadows2497d ago

I liked Menae, seeing Palaven burning was pretty awe inspiring. I enjoyed the top of the Citadel with Garrus. I loved seeing the beautiful ruins on Tuchunka and seeing just how pretty Rannoch was.

Blacktric2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

And certain moments in the game, especially Paragon ones were just amazing. Mordin's sacrifice to cure the Genophage and then Wrex's face when he sees the cure being distributed... Legion and Tali's final conversation and how Legion referred to himself as I instead of we. The way Thane pushed himself beyond the limits of his former self even when he was at the final stages of his illness. All memorable and amazing moments to me. Overall, it was an amazing experience besides the ending and it's because of the lack of explanation and closure and also the missing "perfect" ending for people who invested so many hours into the game. Hell, I even loved how Shepard saw the faces of some of his friends in a vision during the final moments of whatever ending you chose...

Eyesoftheraven2497d ago

That's why the ending sticks out like a sore thumb—everything else is incredible.