Zelda Question of the Day: Which Do You Prefer, Puzzles or Combat?

Puzzles and combat have both been huge parts of the Legend of Zelda series for the last couple decades, but which is more important? Zelda Informer tries to get to the bottom of the issue - by asking fans what they think.

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adorie2427d ago

I prefer puzzles within combat. it extends the longevity of the combat if done correctly. Anything that extends the life of a game is good in my eyes, as long as it's not a cash-grab made against the end user.

Instigator2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

I'll take either as long as it's challenging. The overworld should have a lot of enemies while branching off to smaller puzzle areas. Dungeons should be filled with puzzles and have a boss you have to think about how to defeat, preferably with more than one way to beat them. Add in a durable miniboss in the middle of the dungeon and I'm set.