One Month Later… With The PlayStation Vita

MediaKick's editor gives his thoughts and opinions on the PlayStation Vita one month after release.

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Shivan2404d ago

i wonder how much money sony paid for this ad

Moncole2404d ago

I wonder why your wasting your time trolling

Toman852404d ago

One month later for me. Im using it everyday while im home. Played on it for about 75 hours or more and I love it more and more!

CommonSenseGamer2404d ago

Hows it feel being in the minority?

Zechs342404d ago

How's it feel not Even being able to afford the thing?...

CommonSenseGamer2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Poor assumption on your behalf. Sony have failed to convince me to buy into the Vita and this is coming from a long term Sony supporter. Try using your brain or was your comment rushed because your late for school?

Toman852404d ago

As your name, speaks for yourself, your not using common sense at all.
I play all I want, whenever I want.

Mr_Bun2404d ago


Who is this minority you speak of? Everyone I know that owns one, still loves it as much as the day they first received it.

JohnnyMann4202404d ago

Your name is so ironic because someone with common sense wouldn't even say something so stupid.

TheGamingArt2404d ago

He isn't. I've done the same thing and love it.

Drekken2404d ago

Common sense isnt that common.

Just because there are less Sony Vitas out there people who own it should not enjoy their time? That is the most ignorant way to look at it.

Because there are less Sony TV's out there, they aren't the best? Pfft. My razor thin 3D LCD strongly disagrees.

I've wasted enough time preaching to someone who is set in their ignorant ways.

SneeringImperialist2404d ago

I've actually gotten bored of the vita already, i don't think its all its made out to be, but hey that's just my opinion.

And here come the 400 disagree's...

FriedGoat2404d ago

@ATI I think they just don't believe you have one, Because I don't. I love mine, still playing it everyday. My 3DS honeymoon period lasted a week. Its been a month with the Vita and I still love it as much as when i got it.

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LiL T2404d ago

@Toman85, Agreed my vita is working great. I even used it to take video when I saw the TFC vs L.A Galaxy game and the toronto star has a pic of me doing it. The audio was reasonable considering I was right beside the bass drum of the marching band. Also using foursquare to get free beer from Steam Whistle is another bonus ( that alone pays for the vita). Games wise I still play LBP psp and lots of Hustle kings. Conclusion- Happy with mine and it gets me free beer.

Sorrow242404d ago

So much win, bro. So much win. :)

ElementX2404d ago

"Im using it everyday while im home"

Isn't the idea of a portable system to play it on the go?

f7897902404d ago

Not necessarily. Portable consoles offer great gaming experiences that can be picked up, played a little, then set down.

The whole idea that you HAVE to be on the move playing it is ridiculous. It's nice to lay in bed and play a game of Super Star Dust.

Totally worth getting it day 1.

FriedGoat2404d ago

Also, theres nothing like having a full console experience in your bathroom when taking a dump, or having a bath, or taking a dump in the bath.

MastaMold2404d ago

@Toman85, i'm with you this PS Vita is becoming an addiction just keep on playing :)

FriedGoat2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

replied to wrong comment.

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josephayal2404d ago

We need more games asap, god of war, killzone, gears of wars, cod, bf3, Sxt, grandia and of course legend of dragoon 2

CommonSenseGamer2404d ago

The Vita needs killer exclusives and not just portable versions of PS3 games.

JohnnyMann4202404d ago

Which are being developed and releasing in a couple months along with exclusives that are already out, Like Uncharted.

Once again, where is your common sense?

Damn Troll.

SoapShoes2404d ago

Nintendo doesn't seem to have a problem creating killer exclusives out of portable versions of the console games. Heck a lot of them are just straight up ports from old systems, at least Sony is creating NEW games for it.

GribbleGrunger2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )


i totally agree with you on that. but consider how the Vita will get those unique exclusives you want. devs will need an incentive and that incentive comes from sales, so whilst i totally agree, i do also see the necessity for well know franchises to come out first to drive those Vita sales.

early adopters will likely be PS branded already... these are the current target. once those reserves have been depleted, then and only then will devs consider risk against audience. 6 million usually garners more interest from devs, followed by 10 million, which should then tell us how the Vita will do in the long run.

i believe the Vita will sell better than the PSP in the long run but i highly doubt it will beat the DS for lifetime sales. not that that really matters but it may at least keep 'some' Vita evangelists even footed for the foreseeable future. and i'd just like to say, before people blow a fuse, i'm the proud owner of the best handheld ever made and play it daily

djhsecondnature2404d ago

Would be far better to spread those releases out over the course of the next year really.

Also Gears? You're having a laugh.

Ridrick2404d ago

All I now need is Monster Hunter on my Vita, I'll be set for long then.

Uncharted and Wipeout are both amazing btw.

Nutsack2404d ago

System is good. Launch was well done. Weekly downloads on PSN though Sony failed a bit. I expected some new stuff in decent proportions at least every week after launch to give those launch buyers a bit more special treatment for their support.

But the PSVita itself rocks. Although the screens brightness could have been a tad more for when the sun is out. I remember how it was with my PSP Fat and Slim, the slim had such a bigger boost in brightness. Probably history will repeat itself with the PSVita slim.

izumo_lee2404d ago

The 3DS took a year before the good quality games began coming out so i say give the Vita the same treatment. The library is already really good with massive titles like Gravity Daze on its way. The games will come i believe & within a years time we will see what the results will be.

For now it is still too early to tell how successful the Vita will be, either way i am loving every minute i spend with it.

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