How the Video Game Generation Changed the Rules

The times they are a-changin and video games are leading the way. In the past, there were books and movies. Writers wrote the plots and readers watched and read. If they liked it, they were happy and spread the news to buy it. If they didn’t like it, they were unhappy and spread the news not to buy it. But these days things are different. If a crowd of gamers don’t like a game, they don’t sit idly by and simply say, Don’t buy this game. Oh no. They take a proactive stance and say, Change it. Change it, Now! And it turns out the developers are listening and reacting.

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sikapwach3026d ago

You've gotta give props to Bioware for having created a story that people are this passionate about. I can't think of any of peice of media that people cared this much about, well okay maybe the finale of LOST rivals this situation.

JimmyJames703026d ago

And LOST never had new episodes to further explain the ending, did it? I wonder if there will be a LOST movie?

sikapwach3025d ago

no new episodes, but there was a ten minute epilogue that came with the final season DVDs

DeadSpaced3026d ago

They had to do a lot right to get people so engrossed with the game that if one detail is wrong, they let the world know. I definitely agree with you there, sikapwach.

ziggurcat3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

"They take a proactive stance and say, Change it. Change it, Now!"

if by, "proactive stance" he means, "they cry, throw a temper tantrum, and moan about it because they have a bloated sense of entitlement", then yes...

Canvas Of Flesh3026d ago

It's not the first time in history it's happened and it won't be the last. I couldn't care less if they change it or not, but it's still a poorly written ending. Regardless, after spending 60 dollars on a game and expecting writing quality on par with the past two entries, if the third game doesn't seem good enough then it's every consumer's right to complain. It Bioware's right to decide to cave in or tell them to shove off.

It's all just capitalism, plain and simple. And you can really only complain about someone's "whining or sense of entitlement" if you've never complained about a product you bought yourself.

ziggurcat3026d ago

there's a vast difference in complaining about a broken/defective product and complaining because you didn't like the ending of a *video game*.

you've never heard of anyone going to a movie, not liking the ending (or in the case of the phantom menace - the whole damned movie), and complaining to the people who made the movie to change it, have you? have you ever heard of anyone buying a book, not liking the ending and complaining to the publisher/author to change it, have you? a lot of people didn't like how "lost" ended and you never saw any petitions to have it redone, either.

it's got nothing to do with capitalism, and everything to do with it being a generation of whiny, spoiled little brats that think that they have rights they don't actually have (like authorship rights over the story of a video game that isn't their intellectual property).

Canvas Of Flesh3026d ago

Yes, actually. People complain and demand changes all the bloody time! Many, many artists decide to use that fan feedback to change their works. Hell, Mozart himself changed some of his pieces in response to audience criticism. Plenty of subsequent editions of books have been altered to changed because of fans' reactions. You seriously have never heard of anything like that happening?! I'd tell you to Google instances of it happening, but the results page is filled with Mass Effect 3 news.

P.S.- Changing the ending to Lost (which I loved) would have required vastly more time, resources, and money than making a short 10 minute DLC would cost. So, you're analogy isn't really comparable.

sjaakiejj3026d ago

"Changing the ending to Lost (which I loved) would have required vastly more time, resources, and money than making a short 10 minute DLC would cost. So, you're analogy isn't really comparable."

... Do you have any idea how many resources go into making a game? Their budgets far exceed those of most TV series, and for good reason. Making a "short 10 minute DLC" for a AAA title would likely cost more money than an entire Lost episode, considering the requirement of additional assets, acting, testing, and animations that would need to be made.

Canvas Of Flesh3025d ago


The Pilot episode for Lost cost $12 million. For an episode of a regular drama series that doesn't really require an effects budget it would cost between 1.5 millon - 2 million dollars. Not considering the logistical issues of filming another episode of a tv show, I find it incredibly hard to believe that a 10 minute DLC would cost anywhere near the production budget of the Pilot for Lost.

I really don't see what all the fuss is about. The ending didn't bother me as much as it did most, but you could clearly tell that is was rushed and shoddy and just sort of disjointed from the rest of the game. I don't care if they change it or not, because in most fans eyes the damage is already done. What I don't understand though, is why people are so dead set against Bioware "caving in" and making their unhappy fans happy. Regardless of why a customer is unhappy, whether it's your fault or theirs, steps should be taken to insure that they continue to be your customer. It's basic business. Whether or not people say "oh, it's creative, it's art, blah blah blah". The moment they start charging money to buy that "art" is the moment they're forced to take into considering their consumers feelings.

From what I've seen the complaining about fans' "sense of entitlement" could be applied just as accurately to the people that don't want Bioware to cater to their fans.

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