CVG: How to... Add XP to a Vista machine

CVG writes:

"Bugged by the fact you've upgraded to Vista, and have found that the software you've got no longer works or behaves erratically?

Yeah, me too. While you could get annoyed at the fact publishers are charging people money for upgrades and patches you wouldn't have needed had you stuck with XP, the best thing to do is stick with Vista and install XP. Get it right and you'll be hopping happily between the two Windows without a care in the world."

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EZCheez4569d ago

And when I went out to buy a copy of XP (not big on pirating), XP was actually $50 more than Vista Home. I wish I could say I was surprised.

It still pisses me off though. How can you honestly charge more for a supposedly inferior product? Oh wait, I know.

gta_cb4568d ago

was it $50 more then Vista Home Premium or Basic? because Home Premium around where i live is more then XP but i havnt looked for Home Basic because i have no intent to buy it.

Darkiewonder4569d ago

Well for me.

I even had this bookmarked since last year

"Dual boot Vista and XP with Vista Installed"

pointystick4568d ago

I did this from day one, although I have to admit I'm using XP less and less these days.