MS quiet on "Ultimate" Xbox 360

CVG writes:

"It looks like Microsoft overlord Bill Gates will be rolling out some "important" Xbox 360 news at CES in Las Vegas next week, but could it really be another, HD-DVD enabled console SKU?

According to gadget mag Stuff, that's exactly what old Gates-y will be lifting the curtain on. The "Xbox Ultimate," it says, will arrive in Autumn 2008 with built-in wi-fi, hi-def audio output, 1080p HDMI support, cooler 65nm hardware architecture and a near-silent fan."

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skitzoid4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Personally I think it's a bad move. The HD-DVD drive will only be used for movies and not storage capacity for games. Built in wi-fi would be nice. But in the end I think it would leave a bitter taste in the mouth of all the people that already purchased a 360 without all of these features. Another SKU might also add confusion. They already have 3.

WTH is going on this gen with MS and Sony and all these SKUs? Nintendo has to be chuckling over this. I can just imagine them mentioning it next E3.

I would purchase one because I am one of those got to have everything type guys.

@ don't phatom disagree. Tell me how you think this is a good move for MS and the 360.

crazy250004037d ago

my friends are gona be pissed...they bought the "elite"

Winter47th4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

They're still experimenting with all'em SKUs even after the console's release 2 years ago, add an HDMI and call it elite, shaft the HD and call it core/arcade, hey here's a great idea, add a wi-fi support and HDMI and call it TeH UlTimAtez and screw your customers that already bite the bullet, oh well sucks for'em.

My theory on releasing refurbished SKUs is that they want to give the illusion that they've eliminated the RROD problem, but TeH UlTimATez that comes with 65NM indicates that they still haven't got over that.

Simply put, Microsoft's been tripping lately, thankfully i see no reason to keep my 360 for '08.

mikeslemonade4037d ago

I think this xbox 360 ultimate will end up being like the PSX which was a beefed up PS2. I wouldn't be suprised if it ends up being more than $500. This isn't supposed to be for everyone at all. It's going to be made in limited quantities for the video fanatics.

s8anicslayer4037d ago

given that the elite is 450$,this sku should run at about 600$ or more,dumb move by gates and crew

marinelife94037d ago

I don't think they are going to announce it at CES in January and not release until the fall. They will kill they're sales for the entire year.

I wonder what they will have in store for us next year. I can't wait!

xplosneer4037d ago

PSX=PS2 with 250GB hard drive for recording, and the original item that had the XMB. Only released in Japan though.

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HarryEtTubMan4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

I want to see them try to compete with Sony at around the same price. They are gonna get stomped. Cant even beat Sony with a 250$ console... they dont stand a chance at the same price... and Sonys games are coming. I dont think they would do they considering how sales have looked for the 360... unless they are trying to make people angry and less people buy. I will be mad. I have a 360 and they are just lame... all they do and all they ever have done is copy Sony. It's so blatantly obvious.

Microbucks is lame

predator4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

im holding of gettin an elite till after CES now, come on be true i want it.

edit: wow some people on here disagree with my personal opinion on wanting one if true, get a life

SimmoUK4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

lmao how many goes do they want at getting there product right, you can tell there a software company and not a hardware one...

my mates well glad i recommended him PS3 his mate brought a 360 around and he said it was loud so was the disc drive, it had a power brick even his parents asked if it was broken, his mate had a coolin fan on the back and when he asked about it the guy said that Microsoft had forgot to build the fan into it, he burst out laffing and it made me laff but I did clear it up that it wasn't actually needed don't worry...

vidoardes4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

You say MS can't get it right, but they have less sku changes than Sony has had with the PS3.

Launch in Japan and US: 20 GB & 60GB (both fully backwards comp)
Launch in EU: drop 20GB and some backwards comp
April 11: Discontinue 20GB in US
July 9: 80GB with Motorstorm in US & 60GB to be discontinued in US
October 5: 40GB Announced for PAL, no backwards comp
October 9: 40GB in black and white for Japan
October 10: 60GB replaced with 60GB Value pack in EU, then discontinued
October 18: 40GB with Spiderman availible in US

So thats a total of 8 sku's that have been availible at some point or another. Let's look at MS offerings:

Elite, Premium, Arcade & core (now discontinued). I'm not even going to try and summarise the amount of hardwares revisons that relate to HDMI capability and reliability.

Now I'm not saying MS isn't at fault here, they messed up too with all the sku's and failing hardware, but Sony don't exactally have a shining record this generation either.

If you want to talk about confusing, try comparing what PS3 you can buy in one continent compared to another. At east MS offer the same across the board. with the PS3 You can get:

In Europe: 40GB with no b/c.
In US: 40GB with no b/c and Spiderman 3 & 80GB Software b/c.
In Japan: 20GB and 60GB hardware b/c, 40GB with no b/c

Confused? You should be.

EDIT: I see the phantom disagreers are back. SDF members perhaps?

captainpwn4037d ago

Don't even get me started on how many different "skus" Microsoft made for the 360 in Japan and Europe. Different bundles including Blue Dragon, or PES really makes 360 have the most skus. And, don' forget that there were consoles with and without HDMI which confused people even more. I just hope this will be the last 360 revision, I think its perfect. They finally have the ultimate machine to compete with Sony. I don' see why on earth they'd make a new one. As soon as they get the price of these consoles down, I bet the Core and Elite will be discontinued leaving only the Premium and Ultimate skus.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

good point.

but its not the same thing.

if MS releases a HD-DVD in the 360 they will start making games on HD-DVD and the current 360s will be useless.

atleast the 40gb ps3 just doesnt play LAST GEN games, not THIS GEN games.

and you know as well as i do, thats very wrong of MS.

(if true, of course)

vidoardes4037d ago

Don't get me wrong, you both made good points, I'm nto tryna make MS out to be an angel here. they f****d up more than anyone when it comes to hardware (because of the failers and lack of standard HDD). I was just trying to counter Simmo's point, because he made out like Sony haven't put a foot wrong.

If MS release a console with HD-DVD internal, then release HD-DVD games, they will lose atlot of fans, sales and respect from everyone. It's such a bad move I can't see them ever doing it. A HD-DVD enabled XBox isn't a bad idea, but certainly don't tout it as the 'Ultimate' version. Sure, sell it on the side at a premium to the rich and tout it as a media center, but we all know how well the PSX did...

captainpwn4037d ago

You must have a bit of faith in Microsoft. They're not stupid enough to piss off 13M fans. I doubt they'll even use HD DVD for games, but in worst case if they do, then they'll probably make it so that all games can be played on all platforms. So, the DVD version may have 3 discs, but the special HD DVD edition will only have one. Yes, it'll be confusing, which makes it even more unlikely.

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OutLaw4037d ago

If this happens I'm going to sell my 360 and give up on M.S.

I wonder how much this system will cost?

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