Kuma Thought's On Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer (KKEnt)

Kuma Wrote: Greetings gamers and welcome to Kuma’s segment on my thoughts and today’s thought is on the Mass Effect 3 multi-player. I know many of you are probably immersed in it right now, but all I ask is a few moments of your time to discuss some things I believe would of made the multi-player much more interesting. It came to me yesterday as I played a bit with some new colleagues and then switching over to the campaign where I thought, “Hmmm since we are playing against other A.I. enemies and not Player vs. Player style, I wonder why Bioware didn’t just let us whose our characters in the campaign to multi-player?” I mean I get that each class has its own specific duties, however that still is the case when having our own class in the campaign. I am not going to go as far as saying, “We should all have our own special armor and stuff!” NO, because that does not help our fighting at all! The guns are fine, but I particularly feel limited with the stats tree vs. my stats in the ca...

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