Sony quiet on Uncharted 2

Reports have been circulating that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune developer Naughty Dog has confirmed a sequel to the PS3 action game. While Naughty Dog hasn't been shy when talking about its plans for the series - a sequel has been all but announced - no details have been revealed on when this might enter development.

This latest news got everyone very excited, but Sony gave no official comment on the game when contacted the platform holder today - no surprise given that any sequel isn't likely to appear for some time.

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predator4031d ago

first 1 was great, i hope there is a 2nd, but make it longer to as i was left wanting more...

TheTwelve4031d ago

It will be longer, but I hope they don't make it too much longer. I think that perhaps 5 hours more of gameplay would be the perfect size.----12

turbogeek4031d ago

...than everything else out there on consoles right now, i wonder what Uncharted 2 will look like. or what it will be about.

Real gamer 4 life4031d ago

Sony can never keep a secret.


cmon this is sony - of course they're gonna do a sequel

OutLaw4031d ago

The first one was great. It was like two games in one with the regular people in the wilderness and the Mole people in the caves.

I can't wait to see what the sequel has to offer.

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