Xbox 720 may launch autumn 2013, digital-only unlikely - analyst


Cowan & Company analyst Doug Creutz doesn't expect Xbox 720 to launch until next year and thinks reports it'll be a digital-only platform are wide of the mark.

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2013 has been my guess I guess E3 this year will prove if I'm right or not.

darthv722400d ago

a reveal at this years e3 with a launch for spring 2013. Why wait till fall?

I know that typically you get the bulk of sales in the fall with the run up to xmas but releasing in the spring give time to sell hardware and software up to xmas as well.

ThrazN72400d ago

i would like both digital and physical copy choices. Digital release date games would be awesome.And if they have sales like steam holy crap i would ....

richierich2400d ago

The only down side to buying a game digital is that you cant trade it in when you finish it.

darthv722400d ago

there should be more incentive to make games episodic instead of the traditional start to finish.

I would say though, to do it that way they would have to keep the pricing model cheap to get people to buy the new content and thus keep them playing the game.

So instead of paying $60-70 for a game that can last anywhere from 8-12 hours you end up paying $5 for each episode of a continuing game.

Those episodes could be 3-4 hours each but potentially equate to over 30-40 hours of play for the same $60-70 price a 8-12 hour game offers.

BitbyDeath2400d ago

Would be awesome if both the PS4 & Xbox3 debuted at E3 this year and launched alongside the Wii U later this year.

I know it's unlikely but we can still dream. :-)