Review:- Silent Hill Downpour []

Take a spoonful of insanity, a bag full of traumatic childhoods, the nightmares of many a mental patient, and vigorously stir in an occult bowl filled with blood. And what do you get? A creation that looks a lot like Silent Hill...

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mightyles2427d ago

I got a copy of this in the mail today but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. I spent some time playing the demo at Eurogamer last year and I thought it was decent enough. Shame to read that they haven't ironed out all of the bug though.

SovereignSnaKe2427d ago

-i just got mine too, i'm gonna try it out this afternoon! :)

Raxous2426d ago

Agreed, an opportunity missed? Or did they feel that the bugs are part of it's "charm" / "experience"?
That's what I'd be going for if I were their marketing department! ;-) (A bit like they did with Halo CE; "A faithful rendition of the original experience with a visual upgrade and achievements added"!) ;-)

ThirstyforFanta2427d ago

amazing amazing and amazing game

mightyles2426d ago

The opening is pretty good, but I've heard that it goes downhill towards the end... still I look forward to finding out for myself!