Relinquishing My Square Enix Fangirl

GA writes: When I worked at the now nonexistent Kombo, I was known as the Square Enix fangirl. If Square Enix developed it or published it, I was the one who instantly squealed with delight and loved everything about it. When I went to E3 with them in 2010, the directors assigned me to every Square Enix meeting they could conjure up. It was more than fine with me, but my buddy–yeah, we had the buddy system–was less than enthused, poor guy. In fact, it was because of a Square Enix game (Kingdom Hearts) that I got back into gaming after many years of not touching my NES since Super Mario Bros. 3. So it’s really with great sadness for me that I am stepping down from my fangirldom.

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Smashbro292403d ago

So.... Square hasn't made a solid game in a while and you're pointing that out? Good... For you?