BioWare's Creative Integrity Has Capsized

Jeff from Volatile Mode weighs in on BioWare's controversial backpedaling yesterday over Mass Effect 3's ending, and whether this will start a worrisome trend.

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joab7773036d ago

I think they will walk a fine line. They may add content concerning post activities, but not actually change the ending. I dunno, i thought after mass effect 2 it would b brilliant to say that all journey or roads will b drastically different but will ultimately end the same. It is philisophical in own right but also, u can't have multiple endings to finish a game like this. U get multiple endings in 1&2 because they are choices that affect 3. No matter what u do in 3, there is no more game. It is over, so it has to end in 1 static set piece.

That said, i figured they would give us a choice between saving earth and the rest of the universe based on our score. The paragon would b to sacrifive earth to save the galaxy. The renegade would b saving earth. I loved infamous but i hated the different endings because it's a divide.

I guess i hate the heat bioware takes when no one would get this heated unless they adored the game..But, we have a right to bitch. And we have a right to act like idiots and file complaints and ask for refunds. Though, i think if amazon and ea wll give refunds...We blame developers for their actions when we r ultimately to blame for today's landscape. Like it said, we just help set back gaming by years. Expect corporate to be making decisions from now on.

rdgneoz33036d ago

"u can't have multiple endings to finish a game like this"

So a series that revolves around player choices defining the road they travel, should end in a way that all the choices a player has made have not effect on the ending? Also, if they hadn't been quoted as saying that choices the player made throughout the series would effect the ending, then I don't think many people would be as pissed. Saying one thing and doing something different tends to cause that reaction.

p.s. The ending to Infamous 1 & 2 being different based on your alignment was a good idea. Getting one default ending no matter how much of a d!ck or a good guy you were, would have been stupid.

joab7773036d ago

It's just my opinion, but when i think back to infamous, it just isn't as powerful as i would have liked because in my mind, it's sits divided, separated into two very diverse endings. I will say that mass effect is different in that at least knew playthrough, for most, is very personal, and will probably be the ending that would stick out to most. I just hate thinking back on a game and knowing that shepherd is $%&# or living on a wine vinyard in france with ashley, as if it ends with two dramatically different universes. Remember too, and most don't think about this, the shepherd story may be over, but i doubt mass effect is. It would be real hard to continue a drama onto 2 or 3 different conclusions. Yes, i guess they could have had different endings that didn't drastically alter the universe of mass effect, but for continuance purposes....Also, while playing mass effect 3, i knew it was ending, so i prepared myself for an ending, not another choice.

And everyone is hung up on 1 thing a guy said awhile ago. How often does this happen? All the time, info comes out and then it changes. Too bad. I'm not going to sit here and claim that it's the best ending ever, but I'd rather play the ending they ultimately decided on than force them to change it and i would never ask for my money back.

I ask myself why do people care so damn much. I think it's a testament to how unbelievably good this game was in one area in particular. More than any other game, it created a journey that was personal for every player. So personal, that people's hearts were broken. It explains the irrational behavior (like burning ur ex's clothes or demanding a refund for a game u obviously loved). I don't discount gamers feelings at all and i sympathize but we need to step back for a minute before we go overboard and force our hand. It will have drastic repercussions beyond the immediate gratification of a satisfying ending.

003036d ago

one person did the ending.