VR Skyrim and Battlefield 4 with DLC to enhance

Product-Reviews writes: Virtual reality is coming and has been on the minds of enthusiasts since the days of the holodeck onboard ships in Star Trek, and while we might be a few years away from really slick gaming accessories, and decades away from Star Trek technology it has to be said that even the most basic VR could improve on gimmick 3D gaming.

Forth Dimension contacted us yesterday after our recent story, and while this was just a routine phone call we did find out they’ve had some promising developments in looking for a 3rd party...

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tr00p3r2399d ago

I've wanted virtual reality ever since the days of Red Dwarf..can't wait.

NewMonday2399d ago

the Sony 3d headset just needs motion sensors and then we have VR.

danswayuk2399d ago

Something like that but streamlined is what we need, so again this will take a new accessory with other enhancements.

danswayuk2399d ago

Cannot wait but the price will be key.

JONESY62399d ago

looks awesome. i would love to get a finished model. one that is not so buggy and cumbersome.

Hellsvacancy2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Sorry but that looks like a retarded way to game, i dont want to exercise whilst im gamin

danswayuk2399d ago

Maybe they'll make a version for you that allows you to sit your butt in a chair for a few hours, which then allows you to move using a stick but let your head look around. We don't want you to get tired standing up now, even if it meant total immersion in an FPS shooter, that would be too much effort wouldn't it.

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