About the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy

RPG Site weighs in on Mass Effect 3's ending, asking if most reviewers actually finished the game, giving their opinion of the ending, and debating if fans wanting it changed are "entitled whiners" or not.

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kma2k2495d ago

Seeing the picture of Garus at the bottom of the article did remind of the scene *small spoiler* with Garus & Shepard on top of the citadel, where bioware made fun of itselt with Garus saying Im Garus & this is my favorite spot on the citadel, i really did LOL at that one!

vikingland12495d ago

I really loved this game all 42 hrs of it. I was dissapointed in the ending but to say I am mad is an over exageration. It did leave me with an empty feeling though. I hope they can give us more with DLC ( i know thats a bad thing to say on this site ) but I allways buy DLC.