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New Splinter Cell 'will explore one of franchise's root themes'

But it'll still contain 'action flick' elements, Ubisoft teases

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Community2494d ago
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2494d ago
iamnsuperman2494d ago

I hope this is
A: True to the past splinter cell games and
B: Not 360 exclusive so I can play it

iamnsuperman2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Considering I am not made of money and being a third year student about to leave uni blowing money on a PC/360 is the last thing on my mind/can do so I want it not to be an exclusive so I can play it because I like Splinter Cell games (favourite being Pandora Tomorrow)

JBaby3432494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I also hope it's on PS3 but for me Chaos Theory was the best. I hope any new ones are in the same vein as the original trilogy. I am loving the Original Trilogy in HD by the way.

MAJ0R2494d ago

You don't have to be made out of money to buy a gaming PC. This is a common misconception, and obviously false considering you can buy a decent rig for $300 and a an even better one that will last you a while for $400 - $450.

Wintersun6162494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


Everybody doesn't have even 300$ to shell out on additional entertainment just because of a few games. It is a common misconception, usually made by people who don't have to pay their bills, feed their family and pay their rent or mortgage.

Also, where I'm from, even if you build the rig yourself 300$ won't get you s#!t, not to mention the cost of a monitor.

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clank5432494d ago

In the same bind here. I really don't wanna buy a 360 this late in the cycle, especially since I don't have any great reason to. However, I played a little of the new splinter cell with a friend, and maybe it's for the best that I never played the entire thing. At least I can play the HD trilogy to my heart's content.

turgore2494d ago

Not sure where you live, but you can buy a used 360 slim for around 100 bucks.

Sgt_Slaughter2494d ago

You do realize he didn't mention anything about the price, right?

001852494d ago

You do realize he's not interested into buying one too, right?

DarkBlood2494d ago

You do realize its because 720 is almost here, right?

Sgt_Slaughter2494d ago

You guys realized I just C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER-ed my own reply, right?

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chanmasta2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Wtf? Why do you have so many disagrees? All you said was that you want the game to like the past Splinter Cell games and that you don't want it to be released on one console only so more people can enjoy it.
Did a swarm of 360 fanboys sweep in or something?

ThirstyforFanta2494d ago

stop being so damn stupid and look again at his comment. he also said "true to past splinter cell games"

IRetrouk2494d ago

whats wrong with him wanting it to be like the older titles? the last game was pants, it was short on story and stealth, it was an action game, not splinter cell at all.

SilentNegotiator2494d ago

Frankly, that's what they ALL say. 'Oh, it'll be JUST like the fan favorite!'

Some deliver. But do I expect Ubisoft to?, not really.

Kamikaze1352494d ago

When was Splinter Cell a 360 exclusive?

koston36472494d ago

Conviction was.....and double agent was for like a year or something

Kamikaze1352494d ago


Oh please, no they weren't. You have no idea what you're talking about. They were released on PC a few weeks later.

ThichQuangDuck2494d ago

Please go back to Chaos Theory Formula of a solid single player that can be attacked multiple ways yet still difficult. A co op that is completely seperate but is perfect and will have you whispering with your friend even if you are playing split screen or online. Last but not least the Spies vs Mercs Multiplayer that was ever so fun, I will never forget the Mall or warehouse experiences. I will act like Double Agent and Conviction never happened like every season of 24 after the 5th. Be splinter cell do not go out there trying to be every other game or appeal to a new audience, because myself at least and I would hope the majority of splinter cell fans thought chaos theory was the best.

Awesome_Gamer2494d ago

Yeah.. Me too i dont want it to be exclusive, my xbox 360 got RROD last year and i noly have a PS3 now

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Bleucrunch2494d ago

I would prefer it on the PS3 but I guess I have no choice in the matter...Lets hope this new splinter cell is Pandora Tomorrow good...GOSH that game took many many hours of my LIFE...... FTW!

Summons752494d ago

Can't wait! I know I am going to get trolled for this buy I highly enjoyed Conviction but I also understood why they took that direction vs the heavy stealth. I have loved splinter cell since the first game and the story is really good (Clancy of course it will be good) but Conviction was the height of Sam's char. development. It mixed everything you knew from the previous games and then let him off the leash so he had nothing holding him back. I still hope they go back to more of the heavy stealth and I am curious as to where the story will take us next. They also need to bring back infiltration mode, that was the best multiplayer for the series yet. Being stealthy and having to work with a partner was great.

bahabeast2494d ago

pandora tomorrow was realli realli good my cd got broken :( i love splinter cell and id like to see it come back 2 playstation and ill accept conviction if its given.

JBaby3432494d ago

Grab up the HD remakes. They are really well done. The first game you can see how early it is but Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory have held up pretty well.

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