NGB: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review

As a single player title Operation Raccoon City is a hollow, completely frustrating experience. For that reason, it’s a relief that playing alone was never the developer’s real intention. Even with that in mind though, a game with such a highly regarded brand behind it is expected to reach a certain level of quality and depth – Operation Raccoon City sadly misses that mark by some distance.

There are some good ideas and the co-op provides a decent platform to get together with friends, but unlike recent co-op counterparts such as Left 4 Dead or Syndicate, Operation Raccoon City is largely dependant on you being able to make it fun, rather than it actually being fun. Horrible AI, a hit-and-miss cover system and the complete absence of the tense trademark Resident Evil atmosphere means that like Umbrella’s infamous T-Virus, Operation Raccoon City is a title (unless you’re a hardcore fan of the series) you might want to steer clear of come the day of release.

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Bleucrunch2427d ago

This is another game getting bad to sub par reviews across the board...a rental at best for far as I am concerned with being a fan of the resident evil franchise (the last good resident evil game was 4) Racoon city was wiped off the mapped as ordered by the President as the only solution viable to end the outbreak there...why are we going back for some rehashed side story with a bunch of people that obviously FAILED because of the ultimate fate of the city...waste of time and money...Wait for Resident Evil 6!

Pintheshadows2427d ago

The thing I find depressing is peel away all the crap and there is a good idea buried within.

I think the first mistake they made was setting it in Racoon City. The second was not being able to make the basis for a satisfying shooter, the shooting.

I don't feel privileged to have got this early. It isn't the worst game ever but it is poor.

I think that a) they should have chosen a unique setting and formed their own little side story, they could of still included iconic RE enemies and b) they should of worked far harder on the shooting (the poorest part of the game) and AI (actually, this is worse).

arbitor3652427d ago

i was watching gameplay footage and it just looks depressingly mediocre. it looks nothing like a resident evil game. its just generic and bland. there are too many great TPS games out there like uncharted, vanquish, gears, warhammer space marine, ect to waste time playing this one. hell, binary domain is probably better than this.

Pintheshadows2427d ago

Binary Domain is amazing. ORC shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath. I mean that with all my heart.

It is bonkers, the shooting is great and the bosses are mental. I was very pleasantly surprised.

NGB2427d ago

The online side of things (co-op with humans) elevates above the average status (hence the 6/10 from us), but everything other facet of the game is either average or poor - just like you guys have stated.