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NAGNEWS3469d ago

not a MM game, its a United Front Games

StanSmith3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

As in Modnation Racers developers? If so then i won't be touching this! The ridiculous rubberbanding, cheap Ai and load times destroyed that game for me. The creation suite was fantastic though.

Shame as i loved Littlebigplanet 1 & 2 and would have loved some Sackboy action this year!

xursz3469d ago

Lord knows I want a Vita release.

SoundGamer3469d ago

I still think this is an odd move on PlayStation's part. Not only does this game involve the same Play.Create.Share concepts as the already established kart racing game, ModNation Racers, they are both developed by United Front Games.

I guess this is Sony's way of making Sackboy and the Little Big Planet franchise the face of the PS brand like what Nintendo did with Mario. Who knows?

At the very least the game does look like it's keeping some of the elements that makes LBP unique, thus providing a fairly different kart racing game experience.

Still, it's strange. I enjoyed MNR and hope that Sony keeps supporting it as they have done in the past.

On the other hand, I am a pretty big fan of the Little Big Planet series and I think I'll keep an eye on this as I enjoy kart racing games quite a bit.

awesomeperson3469d ago

It seems Modnation may have been a test ground for kart racing games under Play.Create.Share.

It feels as if this will almost be a direct sequel to Modnation yet properly introducing the LittleBigPlanet franchise into it, generating more interest (and therefore revenue).

As you said it also does seem a step towards having a face of the brand across multiple different games. It'l be interesting to see what happens though.

-Alpha3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

I always felt Sackboy's face should have been on ModNation, but I really like the LBP universe coming to life in Kart Racing. I was initially worried what they could do different, and this seems interesting enough. There are interesting concepts here that work because it's LBP and not MNR (the grapple hook, the world being made out of LBP materials, etc)

IMO, it's smarter for Sony to push Sackboy for theme genres like Nintendo does with Mario. There is a great appeal with LBP's universe, and Sony needs to learn to sell great games with free appeal, it just makes so much sense.

I want to see more of Sackboy. I'd LOVE a Sackboy Party game as those are so fun too, and I am hoping Sony pushes LittleBigAdventure as a fully 3D Sackboy platforming game like Sega/Nintendo did with Sonic and Mario. If Mm wants to go somewhere else, then Sony can circulate Sackboy to different developers, I just really think Sony is missing out on putting this mascot on genres that they have potential markets for (kart racing, party games, platforming, lots of VITA games like Sackboy RPGs, etc)

Sevir3469d ago

So much for Mario kart 7! LOL They confirmed that 3d support is in the game!!! its gonna be sick doing this in 3d much the same way MK7 was great with 3d turned on on the 3ds! but this is on the big screen! :-) Glad i have a TV that supports 3D

Yi-Long3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

... I like both franchises, so hopefully this game will combine the best of both worlds.

I never picked up Modnation Racers though, sadly, cause of all the DLC that came out for it...

Highlife3469d ago

I sadly never got the game either. The demo had the longest load times ever and that is the main reason I didn't get the game. i think with the popularity of Sackboy they will be able to sell more games in this genre.

Nimblest-Assassin3469d ago

I hope they keep the MNR create mechanic.

I could never make anything in LBP, but I made multiple courses in MNR.

ginsunuva3469d ago

It seriously takes weeks to create something above average in lbp!

mcstorm3469d ago

I saw this happening along time ago and thought when MNR was announced they should of called it LBP. It is more or less the same design as LBP anyway. I do think MNR could of been a big hit on the PSV but the lack of online I think lets it down as there is only so much fun you can have on any racing game offline.

Looking forward to this but I hope them manage to bring MNR and LBPK into one game as having 2 of them running I don't think will work.

SoundGamer3469d ago


ModNation Racers, for the PlayStation Vita, does not have online multiplayer. That is what mcstorm was referring to.

Hicken3469d ago

It makes sense. LBP was the originator of the Play Create Share, and it's a better known name that ModNation. Most likely, it's Sony's hope that Little Big Planet's popularity and presence within the public eye will make the kart game more attractive. And since it's the same people that did ModNation, we know they know what they're doing.

It will be something of a shame if ModNation disappears because of this, but given that it and LBP were operating under the same premises in the first place, one being absorbed into the other isn't such a big surprise.

iamnsuperman3469d ago

"I guess this is Sony's way of making Sackboy and the Little Big Planet franchise the face of the PS brand like what Nintendo did with Mario. Who knows? "

I partly agree. It makes sense for them to do this. LBP is a brand and a popular one at that. I think Sackboy is the more family orientated face of the PS brand and not the whole brand like Mario is for Nintendo.

NukaCola3469d ago

This is incredible. MDR is good, but it's simplistic drift kart racer with minimal creativity outside the characters and karts.

LBP is all about customization and I think the foundation MDR and LBP set will come together nicely with this awesome looking title.

Bosses, Battles, Races, Weapons, Challenges, Games, Mini Games, Multiple camera effects (2D, 3D, First Person, etc) I think we will see tons with this game. I really see a lot of LBP FPS games with the 1st person camera. Now I have tons of ideas coming.

Racing on the back of a dragon in the sky

Portal gun battle where you use portals to move around the map and collect cubes to win

More Nintendo, Bioshock, Halo, and Uncharted levels than you can shake a stick at. Imagine a dead space race on a space ship and you are racing to get out and avoid monsters before the ship explodes or something? Or Temple racing in an UnKarted level? Racing through Rapture, picking up Plasmid power. LBP style Warthog battles. It's even got hover karts and jet packs and probably speed boats too since LBP does water. I am getting really excited just thinking about the craziness that will come. This looks like the most impressive Kart racer ever. I am totally bonkers for LBP and can't wait.

Also makes me think about what will come next. I really am curious if LBP RPG Maker is coming, or who knows with LBP 3, maybe?

supremacy3469d ago

I like your thinking here, and agreed.

Sony could (no pun intended) milk sackboy like Nintendo does mario. Sackboy has that charm kids and families appreciate. Sony just has to invest carefully on such ideas.


It could potentially work, provided Sony believes in the product enough to market it right. Who knows. The possibilities are endless.

sinncross3469d ago

It is pretty obvious that the move is to kill the MNR brand and to keep Create.Play.Share associated with LittleBigPlanet.

Quite frankly, this is the karting game MNR should have been in the first place. Having United Front Games developing is not strange but totally expected: they did the MNR and besides Naughty Dog, who are way too busy to do another, they are the only devs who have worked with Sony that can do karting.

This game is basically MNR just with a LBP theme and some added bonuses that show off the creating ability beyond just kart racing.

I say this is the best decision for the franchise, especially since MNR never really reached the appeal that LittleBigPlanet and Sackboy got.

I just hope the game is good, that is all.

GribbleGrunger3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

This is NOT simply MNR reskinned. this is LBP Karting with all the user possibilities that the franchise offers those who wish to innovate with the tools. side-scrolling racer platforming, top down survival challenges, FP racing, racing puzzlers, stock car racing and many other things come to mind. this is going to be a lot better than MNR and it's going to appear on too... now Kudos to anyone who can make something with this that is NOT race related, and you know it will happen

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Nitrowolf23469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Probably gonna buy this, but I wonder if they are gonna scrap Mod nation? I mean to me it seems both games are the same aside from graphic differences. They are even being developed by the same team, so i'm hoping the online is better then MNR.

Either way this looks extremely fun

jp_footy23469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )


Maybe I am half asleep, but why not call it LittleBigKarting?

AusRogo3469d ago

Haha thats fucking awesome. Bring on split screen!

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