Mass Effect 3 ending: Have the fans really won?

CVG: Not quite, argues CVG's Tim Clark, who outlines what kind of DLC we're going to get...

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Lord_Sloth2399d ago

It's lose lose.

If don't budge, we get left with an ending that doesn't change regardless of choices made.

If they DO sell us a new ending and people buy and like it then everybody's gonna start selling the endings of the game separate as Day 1 DLC and vouchers. Honestly do you think Capcom and Activision and EA won't jump on this if it works?

Honestly the lesser of 2 evils here is if they don't budge. That would just force them to work harder next time now that they know they can't get away with anything.

Philoctetes2399d ago

I dunno. Part of me is kind of looking forward to the nerd rage that will ensue when Bioware announces that the indoctination theory was right and then tries to sell the us the "real" ending that they planned all along for $10.

Lord_Sloth2399d ago

While that will indeed be funny, you have to admit that this action will open the flood gates on so many other devs withholding the ending of our campaigns in their games and charging for them.

LOGICWINS2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Yeah but I think that would only happen with deeply appreciated story driven franchises. Activision can TRY to do it, but they would fail. Most dont give a rats ass about COD's campaign because they buy for the online multiplayer. I doubt many people would be interested in paying for the ending to a COD SP campaign.

It will work with ME3 because its the end of a half a decade RPG franchise. I can see GTA5 doing something like this though.

Kyosuke_Sanada2399d ago

If they use the momentum to fight against the true problems in gaming then yes. If it's just to change the ending then hell no.........

Canary2399d ago

The problem isn't what the ending is, so much as how it was executed. The entire game series has been built, revolved around, the idea that the player's choices can impact the narrative. If you look at some of the promotional material for ME3, they were still very much playing to this idea--promising us a variety of different endings whose outcome would be based upon choices we had made in all three games.

But in the end, none of those choices mattered--at all. No matter what you did, the narrative remained constant up to the "final choice," and the final choice had just as little effect on the game as everything that preceeded it.

For all the flak it got, Fallout 3's original endings had more variation than the drivel we got in ME3.

So, naturally, gamers complain. They've a right to.

What really pisses me off, though, are all the hair-brained, lackwitted dumb****s that seem to be completely dominating the discussion this week, pushing the completely ass-backward notion that gamers have no right to complain about shoddy products, and that Bioware is completely justified peddling shit and calling it gold.

Articles like this one, that try to straddle the line between those two groups by saying, "sure, Bioware could fix it, but do we want them to? They might make it worse!" are nearly as bad. Bioware cannot make the ending worse because the last few minutes of ME3 are not actually an ending, and could not ~possibly~ be any worse.

drdre742399d ago

people are dumb! your just giving them MORE money for DLC. lol Idiots. They aren't going to give you FREE DLC.