VGI: Top 5 Wrestling Games

When it comes to wrestling games, there's been more gobbledy gookers than there has John Cenas. But why focus on the failures? The games that leave you wanting to smack a steel chair over your head in frustration? Instead, let's focus on the (Andre the) giants that the wrestling gaming industry has served up over the last nearly thirty years.

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Fatty3031d ago

Every year I hope there will be a wrestling title that lives up to No Mercy... and every year I am disappointed. I still enjoy the new titles, but none of them has yet to surpass NM.

Also, why no Fire Pro Wrestling games? They had a harsh learning curve, but they were really fun and amazing in customizability.

VGI3031d ago

Hmm didn't post my comment it seems...Let's try again.

Thanks for the comment.

I had a hard time deciding between Fire Pro and Tecmo. My train of thought was that Tecmo was the first wrestling game that was crap. NES Wrestling was awful and the WWF games were awful. So, I decided it more fitting to add Tecmo based on how great it was.

My opinion may change though depending on how the new Kinect Fire Pro is handled...


NYC_Gamer3031d ago

Where is New Japan Pro Wrestling?

VGI3031d ago

Am I right in assuming that's the one for the N64?

If it's the one I'm thinking of, I prefered WCW Vs the World (PS1) and World Tour (N64).