13 games so bad you have to play them

Official PlayStation Magazine UK look at PS3 games so awful, they're damn near essential.

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kma2k2401d ago

I played both Duke Nukon & Destory All Humans. DAH graphics were the worst ive seen this gen & the gameplay was the same as the last ones but i loved DAH for the ps2 so i stuck with it & its actually fun at some parts!

RedShoes4Life2401d ago

One game is missing from the list.....Deadly Premonition! The best worst game around at the moment!


If you truly seek to experience bad games try either Damnation or Dark Void.
A warning- playing these games can cause adverse mental conditions and random hysterics,they are best rented or borrowed,never bought.Anyone claiming to enjoy these games should be detained for questioning with a follow up mental evaluation.