More Images of Crash Time

RTL Games and Synetic have released more images for their racing videogame Crash Time, in development for the Xbox 360 and PC. The similarity with Burnout from a style point of view is pretty clear, there's even a formula one! The player takes part of an elite police squad called Cobra 11 and must complete various challenges varying from a helicopter chase to reconaissance runs in tanks.

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MK_Red4034d ago

Is it just me or the whole game looks like a Burnout spin-off? Plus the name of Crash Time is more of a Burnout mode.

Capt CHAOS4034d ago

I think playing burnout has just become far too confusing lately, just too much going on on-screen..

power of Green 4034d ago

I played one of the burnouts before the next-gen BO released for the 360 and liked the simple drive then crash tasks. Hated the one before Paradise and hated the Paradise Demo.(paradise lost its simple arcade fun and even the one before that was poo/losing it. Paradise has sub par graphics with its clasic PS art/color).

power of Green 4034d ago

Are these taken from a game or are these real photo's WoW!.

Every crash game will be a burnout clone, every FPS will be a Doom clone, oh well.

Gamingisfornerds4034d ago

I was just praising the graphics in the other thread posted earlier.

But then I watched some gameplay videos on youtube, and sadly it looks pretty bland. Especially the environments.

Too bad.

Dudeson424034d ago

It looks pretty, kinda, ok.

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