GamersGate celebrates world’s biggest catalog - 4000 Games!

GamersGate, one of the premier PC & Mac digital game stores, celebrated their 4000th product going live this last Monday.
With the rise of download sites like this, does this spell the end of physical retailers? Opinions are strong, but heck, I like the collectors boxed set!

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schmoe2405d ago

Wow! Thats awesome! I didn't know GG had such a big selection of titles! Digital Delivery FTW!!

Choc_Salties2405d ago

Dang! Gotta try out their overall DRM system to see if its more or less restrictive than Steam or Impulse...

granthinds2405d ago

Ye, my thoughts as well... We'll see.

granthinds2405d ago

It's good to see some competition for Steam actually. They're great, just potentially become like Google.