Silent Hill: Downpour Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "Since a merry heyday aboard the good ship PlayStation 2, the Silent Hill series has experienced a troubled middle age. This is bizarrely due to the incredible acclaim heaped upon Silent Hill 2, which was not only hailed as a classic of the survival horror genre, but also one of the scariest games ever and an artistic masterpiece. With its masterful use of psychological imagery, that game managed to meld standard survival horror tropes (limited draw distances, awkward controls, juddering zombies) with a Freudian nightmare of a plot about sexual frustration, and though good for gaming as a whole, has arguably paralysed the series’ development.

Its Moby Dick-like antagonist, the inscrutable Pyramid Head, made embarrassing cameos in Silent Hill Homecoming and the limp movie adaptation, and it seemed as if the series was doomed to spend the rest of its life paying homage to its one true glory.

Consequently, Silent Hill: Downpour is encouraging because it actually tries to do something different."

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