Dragon's Lair Up For Grabs On Sony PSP

MCVUK writes:

"United Coders, developers of the Nintendo DS version of the game, are currently putting the final touches to the Nintendo DS version, and is currently seeking a publisher for a version of the game on the Sony PSP. In exchange for funding the development and intellectual property cost of Dragon's Lair® for Sony PSP, the publisher will be granted the global publishing rights for the format. United Coders expect to begin development of Dragon's Lair® for Sony PSP in February with a release date of Christmas 2008 on the platform."

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AliC4033d ago

Erm dragons lair has be rehashed so many times and its still was never any good.

Why waste money on something that won't sell.

rmedtx8884033d ago

Unless they fix the game mechanics (it they can be called that) the game will not be good. I played this game a long time ago. I'm not sure but I think it was on Sega CD the button pressing is so unforgiving that they make the game horribly frustrating.

BlackIceJoe4033d ago

Well I may not be a fan of Dragon's Lair. But I think there could be some fans of the game. So it will be nice to see how this game works on the PSP.

KidMakeshift4033d ago

Dragon's Lair on a portable doesn't sound that promising like Dragon's Lair 3-D. Why can't they rehash TIME GAL and Space Ace. Those are the coolest FMV's ever made.