KoA: Reckoning - 'The Legend of Dead Kel' DLC Review | IGN

IGN: "For all its dense fiction, mountains of loot, and vast exploration, the most exciting thing about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is the promise of power. Consistent, rapid growth is an encouraging reason to return to Amalur, whether you're one hour deep or 100. This is what makes 38 Studios and Big Huge Games' first add-on such a smart addition to the excellent action-RPG."

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HacSawJimThugin2495d ago

I haven't even finished the main story yet but I bought this Tuesday morning with hopes of visiting this island. KoA is my favorite game so far this year and I'm buying every piece of DLC blindy with no regrets because I know these guys are going to deliver. Can't wait to see for myself...