5 Things that would bridge the gap between Console and PC

Here are some of the things that if implemented into a console would bridge the gap and blur the line between differences in the experiences provided.

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aaaaaaaaa2404d ago

If consoles could do all these things it would be a pc so just buy a pc.

DA_SHREDDER2404d ago

If sony or Nintendo come out with their own proprietary pc rigs I'd buy 2.

Somebody2404d ago

Those things are already available. On the PC. Without waiting for next gen console announcements.

So, come join us.

Besides Sony and Microsoft have only been talking about touch screens, ARM and mobile devices. Add Kinect and Move to the's not a good sign. Microsoft will be releasing a tablet-friendly OS, Windows 8, soon but looking back at how it treated PC gamers all these years I don't it's PC games they are after. Not after merging X Box LIVE and GFWL under one roof for a tablet-centric OS.

JSTT2404d ago

you love your console, but you would still like it to be PC, because all the things you described are not things that would fill the gap but are the things that make difference between a console and PC

gamernova2404d ago

So your article should be titled in regards to consoles catching up to pc because that's all you're talking about. I'm okay with the current differences. PC gaming for the win :)

Saryk2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

If the new consoles come out with those types of features, plus the ability to carry my Steam,Impulse,GF and Origin games over, i'd own a console!

But M&KB is the main thing with me.