My Second Impression of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Giant Bomb writes: So I have played a bunch more of the single player but I actually restarted the game on a harder difficulty because normal is pretty easy even alone. For some reason I'm getting a bit more fun out of the game do to it being more challenging but maybe thats just how I like my games (played ME3 on hardcore and played Dark Souls). So the story seems to being going... kinda nowhere. Since I recently played and enjoyed RE2 its kinda cool to make these little references like "Oh thats why the city has no power", this also supports my idea that you need to be a massive RE fan to enjoy this game. All the classes seem different but I'm mainly sticking with the "assault" class because she has an ability to have unlimited ammo for a short time.

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SlickShoes2405d ago

Giant Bomb didn't write that, its a users opinion piece, anyone can submit these to giant bomb since its just a big game wiki. This holds no more weight than what someone posts in the comments section of N4G.