Eurogamer Review: Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Eurogamer writes:

"Here are the two most important pieces of information you could possibly receive if you're planning on picking up Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles.

Play through the game to level 3' (you can do so by dropping into the first hole you find on level 2 and progressing through the level to fight the alternate boss.) In level 3', head through the level (heading up all stairs) until you find a skeletal snake. Kill it and destroy the hanging plant nearby, probably by using a subweapon, and then jump on the new platform to traverse the section on the upper level. When you get to the end, you should find a tombstone that contains an item which will unlock Symphony of the Night."

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giovonni4031d ago

It's sad how these new systems can't seem to produce a real great new Generation Castlevinia. Aside from handhelds, and the Super nintendo Castlevinia IV, why hasn't there been a really good eye opening game? Its possible with the new generation systems. I think Konami needs to sit down with a team and produce one that re visits The " Pimp... of the Night." I think making it a little like assassin's creed where you can go from town to town visiting different monuments with puzzles to lift the shield that surrounds The pimps Castle so you can get in would be great. while getting these relics, you meet new Friends, nice lands in the day, but crazy at night area's that you have to complete, be for you get to Converse with the pimp himself. When you lift the shield to get into the castle, a whole new adventure starts, you start from his court yard all the way to the top of his chambers, you can visit any room, leave and return to the castle any time you want, and all that extra stuff.

GodsHand4031d ago

I seem to remember a Castlevania game being made for the Dreamcast, but never saw the light of day. Im pretty sure you can find some images of it on the net.