Rumor: 3DS to launch in China market this summer

The rumor is coming from a Japanese media, which indicates that Nintendo's newest portable console 3DS may ship to China this summer.

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LX_General-Kaos2400d ago

Our gaming brethren in China are some of the most respectful people in the world. That is exactly why it is an honor to see our chinese gaming family catch a break and get their chance to experience the Nintendo 3DS and all the amazing Nintendo exclusives that back the award winning machine.

This is just another foot forward in Nintendos flawless plan to put a smile on the worlds face. No gamer shall be left behind, and eventually every man, woman, child, and pet will be able to experience the Nintendo 3DS entertainment console. There are enough 1st and 3rd party exclusives to make any gamer happy of any age.

Let's hope to see Nintendo continue to spread love worldwide. Its good that more gamers now have a chance to experience the magical touch of Nintendo.

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ozstar2400d ago

Can't wait for the VDS