MW3 – Black Box Glitch Getting Hot Fixed Soon, Matchmaking Issues to be Resolved Later

MP1st - Two recent problems pertaining to Modern Warfare 3 are coming to an end soon. The glitch on the new map Black Box will be resolved today, and the matchmaking problems that have cropped up since patch 1.10 will be ironed out at a later point.

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ShadowKingx2403d ago

Awesome. I know one thing when it come to glitches infinity ward seems to say on top of them getting fixed and getting it patched quickly.


wow not surprise!!! this always happen to cod for every map pack they release this is why i didn't buy mw2.5 and got battlefield 3 and i don't need to worry about hackers or glitches!!! @ bigdaddy4247 yea right how long it took to fix mw2 and for what hackers will find a way to do it again!!!!!