Atomic: Why Assassin’s Creed has to go further into the past after Assassin’s Creed III

Atomic: Ubisoft talks beyond Assassin's Creed III, and we throw in our two cents.

"While I’ve never really been a big fan of following the nuances of the game-to-game plots, my interest has always been in the core game—the historical game—and not the future element. To me, the future element is a device that exists to create a central plot that can carry over title to title. Basically, regardless of whether ancient assassin protagonists are slitting throats during the Crusades or perforating chests during the Renaissance, it can make sense because of the ‘time travel’ device that is Desmond in the future."

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Furesis2405d ago

My question is when was the creed created? wasn't it in AC1 time if so then i don't think that the series could go back in time more than that and ancient egypt sound kind silly to me. Feudal japan sounds cool to me

iamnsuperman2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

According to wikia its since Roman times while the Creed (rules) were created in the third crusade. But your point still stands and I agree that the game really can't go back any further than that.

Baka-akaB2405d ago

Feudal japan still can fit . Mayan ? Only during the Conquista then

wallis2405d ago

Frontier America is a pretty awesome setting for ACIII in my opinion. Still there are so many cool places for it to be set with so many historically built in mechanics. Plague riddled Europe could have you having to try and avoid diseased areas, sneaking into quarantined cities or wandering desolated villages looking for clues. Victorian London would work well too - sneaking around looking for your victim Jack the Ripper style. Maybe even an easter egg based around him?

See the thing is when you pick "history of mankind" as your pool of settings you're leaving yourself open to this sort of debate. There's THOUSANDS of awesome places to have been an assassin and I'd love to see more. Still - I think the brave new world is a hell of a good place to do it.