Plus XP: Thoughts on the possible Soul Reaver reboot

Leon from Plus XP writes: "I’m a huge fan of Legacy of Kain – and it’s probably one of the series’ I’ve loved longest – after the real classics like Sonic the Hedgehog - I was playing Blood Omen when I was little more than ten years old. Spanning five games, two on the PS1, and three on the PS2, it’s been almost 10 years since the latest exploits of Raziel and Kain, two of the finest protagonists to grace the videogame market (and, in Kain’s case, an awesome villain at times, too)."

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Wintersun6162398d ago

My thoughts on the subject: Yes please!

Nicaragua2398d ago

Legacy Of Kain is one of my favourite franchises although the last couple of games where a bit lacking.

Tommy3342398d ago

Gaming is dying its all about shooters. Thanks Microsoft!

Canary2398d ago

...Considering the on-going story hasn't been concluded yet, I'd much rather see a sequel than a reboot.

Though I'd be very wary of any new LoK game. Amy Henig is gone. Most of the original voice actors won't be available. Without THAT writing, THAT dialog and THOSE voices, Legacy of Kain is just another mediocre action-combat game.

Ahasverus2398d ago

Or they could get other great writer, other great voice actors and other great screenwriters. Just sayin'!

Pozzle2398d ago

Oh man, if they could get Simon Templeman and Michael Bell to reprise their roles as Kain and Raziel, I'd be very VERY happy person!

Kurt Russell2398d ago

Would be nice to play these again... so bored of shooting things.