Japanese box art revealed for Persona 4: The Golden on PS Vita

The official Japanese box art has been revealed for the upcoming Persona 4: The Golden, which is a PS Vita remake of the original Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.

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Toman852495d ago

Gonna so get this game on my PS Vita when it comes, a classic that must be played one more time!!

tarbis2495d ago

Announce the english version then you can take my money.

izumo_lee2495d ago

This game is going to get localized guaranteed cause look we are getting remakes/reboots/re-releases/re masters of all the older Persona games. I have no doubts this too will be coming over as well but of course it will take time, heck the game has yet to release in japan.

TheColbertinator2495d ago


Still pleading for a female protagonist play-through.

GodHandDee2495d ago

I think Marie should have gotten center stage for the boxart. That said, can't wait!

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