First Screenshot of Resistance 2 for PS3?

Surfer Girl, the blogger with the inside scoop, posted the first screenshot of Resistance: Fall of Man 2. She claims the screenshot (to the left) is from an early version of the game dated around last April or May 2007

Please remember that this is a really early screen and not quality of the final product.

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MK_Red4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

If turns out to be valid and real, Surfer Girl will finally shut up and start appreciating her work.

Plus for a really early build screen, it looks pretty good :)

Charlie26884035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

You do realize that many of the things people think are valid insiders info from her are more of old info/overlooked info/or from foreign sources or he always usual obvious guess

remember those articles here on N4G about her rumors and how there were a good amount of her rumor that were actually info we knew a while back like parts of interviews done by unpopular sites that were not widely spread and she reported them as super insider info or other info that were actually from non english speaking sites again info not made very popular until she used it? (hell just look some of the "underground" websites people user here for articles as fact on how massive is the internet and how many sites have good info we NEVER hear cuz they are not popular)

and finally i wouldn't be surprised at ALL if this was actually a guy or a group of people or the situation is similar to what happened on Youtube with that popular girl and at the end all turned out to be some sort of project and that she was actually hired to say those things, I still remember how people refused to believe that ALL that time it was a planned and fake this ould be the same thing all over again

but the fact is that people want to believe she has some sort of insiders knowledge even worse they want to think she has some sort of magic crystal ball...hell just read those question that people ask her thing I guarantee that the dev themselves don't even know but the huge amount of those question show how blindly people want to think she is some kind of gaming oracle just look at the super insider info she gave about the remake of that SNES game given the fact that info was YEARS old and yet people believed it was new

until she can come up with some REAL and DETAILED insiders info and not her constant obvious guesses or info that is very vague or worse info that is proven to be VERY old or from overlooked sources(sites/mags) she will remain that popular person that gained internet fame over peoples desire to believe there is someone that can tell them "secrets"

MK_Red4035d ago

Thanks for the great comment. I see your points and can't disagree with most.
I'm a person who loves to believe that she/he knows stuff so I'll give it one more chance. Who knows? This might turn out to be true and from a really early build.

Bubble Buddy4035d ago

looks like an image from the first game...

marinelife94035d ago

Looks like a screen from Wolfenstein 3D I call BS.

MADGameR4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I can't WAIT for Residence Fall of Man 2.

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INehalemEXI4035d ago

I cant see why the graphics would look so poorly even if it was pre alpha it would seem to me it would look at least as good as RFoM.

No company in there right mind would want that screen released to promote there game anywho. Horrible looking shot.

felman874035d ago

Insomniac didn't release it.

Douche4035d ago

Considering this is way back in April 2007 (understand that this is just a little over a few months after RFOM was released), this is highly likely. SurferGirl hasn't been proven wrong yet, despite the constant bashing, and has been very specific with the info she gives and the confidence in which she gives it. You've got to realize that the quality of the game won't start out at how RFOM stood, but will have to be met again and then surpassed, which it will (60fps and streaming textures). If it is as early as Spring of last year, then that is pretty on par with what the build of the game would look like at that time. Just think of what it is like by now though. That is a screenshot I'm impatient to see.

mesh14035d ago

hahahaha the have reached their limit on the ps3 the games looks liek a ps2 game hahahaha RFOM was an average game so will this game =)cod2 looks bette rthan this game and ive played rfom 1 good was that game soooo genric and bland looking.

nix4035d ago

and the doink speaks...

Polluted4035d ago

Seems to me they would have to take a step back graphically from the first game while they get their new tech like streaming textures sorted out. Once that stuff is all implemented and working they can start adding higher res. textures, crank up the AA and post processing, etc. I'm sure in the end it will look great.

TheIneffableBob4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

You have to start out with basic level design first, then you start putting in the details. To design a level, put in a ton of details, then scrap a lot of that work because a part of the level is not fun or doesn't play correctly would be a huge waste of time.

The same process was used with Unreal Tournament 3 and many other games. In UT3, the levels started out as basic geometry with little to no textures, and the textures that were there were low detail. Once they perfected the gameplay on the maps, they then started to add in detail.

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Winter47th4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

That looks like an early Half-Life mod way back in 99, never seen a faker pic in my life.

Hope Surfer Girl gets attacked by sharks.

CrazzyMan4035d ago

This must be pre pre-alpha build i guess. =))

I even don`t know what the point of this image. =)

felman874035d ago

It's legit. The real question is if that level will make it into the final build. (stuff ends up on the cutting room floor)

I'll post up two more Resistance surprises for you. (Just cause I'm so nice)

Douche4035d ago

After checking this out, the scans are old. These were Resistance 2 spoilers/info SurferGirl posted in one of her blogs a long time ago. Those blogs became news on N4G just as they have been since. So whether your news was posted before or after this, it would have been unapprovable regardless. I prolly would have approved it anyway though, lol.

Shankle4035d ago

Well you might as well ignore the weapons mindmap. It looks like a very early concept which was banged up in a few hours. The multiplayer structure looks a little bit more concrete, but still it has vagueness in it which needs to be worked out. I like some of the ideas they've got here though, like a 'frag of the day' highlight reel and the new game modes. And 4 player splitscreen!! Yay! Also notice the vehicles, including flying ones.

It's nice to see they plan on beefing up the multiplayer with some new features.

WAR_MACHINE774035d ago

wow if those are real then I really like the direction there heading with the MP and weapons (love the idea of having a gatling gun in MP)

fanboi hater4034d ago

if those guns are any indication of what we might see this game will take place in a far more modern time period. This could be really interesting.

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