Twinfinite's review of Journey: You must play this game.

We live in an age of action and violence, and it is rare for a game to be as daring as Journey for the PSN is. ThatGameCompany places you in a desert, stranded, with no direction aside from the basic control scheme of movement of yourself, and your camera. You have no choice but to move forward, and in a distance, you see a mountaintop with a beam of light. From there, the journey begins. Is Journey worth the risk that ThatGameCompany took, or does it fall shy of success?

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Spydiggity2405d ago

This would be great advice if not for the fact that every time there's a sony exclusive people decide to over-hype and praise it to the point that it can't possibly be as good as people say. then it turns out just to be an average experience that i would have enjoyed if only a few dozen very outspoken individuals didn't say dumb shit like "sony did it again." "all hail sony." "omg, best game evar, blargh."

Hicken2405d ago

And which games would you point out that wound up being "average" instead of living up to the hype? I'm curious.

And why would you let a few dozen very outspoken individuals color your impression of all the games?

Personally speaking, I believe there's less hype out the games being super-amazing, and more about the fact that "Sony did it again" when it comes to bringing a variety of quality games to their systems. Each one doesn't have to be 10/10, but I think most objective people would say Sony's exclusives average around a 7.5-8 on a scale of 1-10. Of course, not every game may be for you, but saying it's not good is like giving a bad score to a sequel of a game you hated: it's a negative bias that shouldn't be trusted.

Gamer-Z2405d ago

A very unique game, simple yet inspiring.