Stuff Specs Out The Xbox 360 "Ultimate"

Bill Gates and the Microsoft crew are rumored to be planning something big for next week's Consumer Electronics Show, but we've got nothing but speculation to tide us over until then. Gadget mag Stuff, however, thinks it has-or genuinely has-the scoop on what's coming down the product pipeline from Redmond. The Xbox 360 Ultimate, Stuff writes, will be hitting store shelves by this autumn and feature "1080p HDMI output, built-in Wi-Fi, hi-def audio output, cooler 65nm hardware architecture and a near-silent fan." On top of all that, the IPTV service that MS touted at last year's CES will be good to go.

Also included in the Ultimate? A 320GB hard drive and HD-DVD drive. While we have our doubts about the authenticity of the details, the news seems a bit too matter of fact to ring false. Is someone at Stuff simply letting the cat out of the bag early? Perhaps we'll know more this Sunday, when we report directly from CES '08.

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Zip4129d ago

beautiful maschine indeed!

too bad that m$ is too late out, also is it just me or does this looks like a desperate attempt to take a bite of the ps3 cakes markeds share?

masterg4129d ago

If this turns out to be true it would be the ultimate insult to the loyal fans of the 360.

First you get Premium. All the loyal fans buy one within the first year. Some pay extra for the HD DVD drive

Then you get the Elite. Some new fans buy it and some sell their premium and buy it.

Then you get the ultimate. All of the previous owners got screwed.

The whole idea of a console is that when you buy one you don't have to think about buying another one the next 4-6 years.

ravinash4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Does it come with a new fan so you can hear the movie you want to watch?
If theres anything they should fix after RROD issue it would be that.

Plus the cost of the PS3 has gone down to the point where its near the Xbox 360 Elite, so if MS add these extra thing, won't it push the cost up to where the PS3 is?

MrWonderful4129d ago

if this turns out to be true. i as a consumer will be pissed. the reason i upgraded to an elite was because of the space and the hdmi and then they put that on all modles. now they want to do built in hd dvd and wifi. WTF!!! when i purchase a console i expect to play on that one untill the nxt wave comes out years later not 7 or 8 different skus in 1 & 2 years like they are doing now.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4129d ago

If they do this, they will most likely also announce a price drop so that they still have a price advantage over Sony. Or maybe not. :).

actas1234129d ago

Microsoft is going to ruin the console gaming industry if they keep releasing new SKUs. However, 360 is already an outdated system and I understand that MS need to do something about it, this doesn't mean I agree w/ what they are doing though.

Pain4129d ago

wow M$ you made a PS3.
like always copy copy copy~

MADGameR4129d ago

MS is just greedy GREEDY! This is just an example of how MS is going to screw the 360 fans. Watch and see, by next year they will have the X Box 720 and 360 owners will have WASTED their money! That is NOT your Microsoft....that is your MONEY-SUCKER! MS is a money sucker! They don't care about what you think of them? They just want to snuff you OUT of your financial debts.

SlappyMcTaint4129d ago

360 Ultimate: in other words, the "Xbox 360, Now with all the features we initially trashed on and said Sony were stupid for including -but now we see how these are all needed features and want on the bandwagon Edition"


SlappyMcTaint4129d ago

Too bad everybody didn't see this from the start. The entire existence of M$ is that of greed. Every company is in business to make $$, but M$ just copies, bastardizes and nickel and dimes it's customers 100x more than any other Corp. out there. They are what's wrong with corporations, and what will ulitmately RUIN gaming.

n_n4129d ago

i feel sorry for the loyal xbots... MS is just going to drop you like yesterday's sh*t like they did with the original Xbox... get use to it... they prey on stupid people like you. MS is here to ruin the gaming industry.

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predator4129d ago

its not to late in my book, i was going to trade in my 360 for an Elite but i may hold of til sunday, this would be amazing if true, im sold already by the rumors, if they price this right then dam

gogators4129d ago

starts Monday and I don't know when Bill gives his address. It could be opening night on Monday, seeing how it's his last one.

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

damn, i replied to the wrong post...oops

heyheyhey4129d ago

this SKU is destined to fail since it has to be expensive and still doesnt offer everything the ps3 offers


what does the PS3 offer that this doesnt offer?
and remember; this SKU has all of the above + a decent library of games; something the PS3 is clearly lacking.

heyheyhey4129d ago

a christ im tired of typing it out for 360 fanboys every single time so i cant be bothered just work it out for yourself, but here is an article counter your games argument

m4tt4129d ago

He meant good games.

botch_divad4129d ago

I disagree... but that was funny

R M Spender4129d ago

a poor selection of games or blueray?

WAR4129d ago

List was made by stunt a forum member from PS3Forums

PlayStation 3 Exclusives Confirmed - Includes already released games

Released [24 Titles]

Eye of Judgement, The [PlayStation Eye]
Formula One Championship Edition
Full Auto 2: Battlelines
Genji: Days of the Blade
Godfather: The Don's Edition, The
Heavenly Sword
MLB '07: The Show
Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
NBA '07
NBA '08
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Resistance: Fall of Man
Ridge Racer 7
Spider-Man 3: Collector's Edition
Time Crisis 4 [Including Guncon 3]
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
Unreal Tournament III [+PC] [Timed Exclusive]

Virtua Fighter 5 [Timed Exclusive]

Upcoming [92 Titles]

ActiveDogs Project

Afrika [2008 Title]
Agency, The [+PC] [2008 Title]

Airtight Project
Amphibian Man [+PC]
Angel Rings
BB [Working Title]
Big Time Revenge [2008 Title]
Black Blade
Brave Arms [JoyStiq]
Buzz!: Quiz TV [2008 Title]
Coded Arms: Assault
Chain Limit [JoyStiq]
Croteam Untitled Project
Crucible, The
Crytek Project
Dark RPG
DC Universe
Disgaea 3
Driver 5
Eight Days
Factor 5 Project #2
Fatal Frame PS3
FIA World Touring Car Championship
Fifth Phantom Saga
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Future GPX Cyber Formula PS3
Getaway 3
God of War III

Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue [2008 Title]
Gretzky NHL [Working Title]
Haze [2008 Title]
Heavy Rain
Home, PlayStation [2008 Title]
Hot Shots Golf 5 [2008 Title]
inFAMOUS [2008 Title]
Jaffe Exclusive 1 [N4G]
Jaffe Exclusive 2 [N4G]
Jaffe Exclusive 3 [N4G]
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Katamari Game [onAXIS]
Killzone 2 [2008 Title]
Kurayami (Darkness)
L.A. Noire [Confirmed]
LittleBigPlanet [2008 Title]
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [2008 Title]
Metal Gear Solid Online [Announcement] [2008 Title]
Metro 2033: The Last Refuge
Monster Madness EX
Motorstorm 2 [2008 Title]
Namco Bandai RPG Project
Namco Bandai Sports Project
Namco Bandai Shooter Project
Naruto: PS3 Project [Scans] [2008 Title]
Planet One

Project D
Project Psychic [Working Title]
Pterodon FPS Project [untitled]
Quantic Dream Project [Thread]
Resistance: Fall of Man 2 [2008 Title]
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Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Redwood Falls
Rengoku: The End of the Century
Returning Alive [Working Title]
Second Season 01 [JoyStiq]
Secret Service
Shin Megami Tensei Project [untitled]
SingStar [2008 Title]
Starbreeze Nex-Gen Project
Star Ocean 4 [2008 Title]
Steambot Chronicles 2
Syphon Filter PS3 [onAXIS]
Tekken 6 [2008 Title]
thatgamecompany Project #3 [untitled]
Wardevil [2008 Title]
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White Knight Story [2008 Title]
Yakuza: Kenzan!
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Aquatopia [PlayStation Eye]
Blast Factor
Calling All Cars!
Cash Guns Chaos DLX
Everyday Shooter
EyeCreate [PlayStation Eye]
Go! Puzzle
Go! Sports Ski
Go! Sudoku
Gran Turismo HD Concept
High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition
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Loco Roco Cocoreecho!
Mesmerize [PlayStation Eye]
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Super Stardust HD
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NCSoft Title #4 [PS3Fanboy]
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Wipeout HD

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Silent Hill 5 [Possibility]
TimeSplitters 4

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Dark Cloud 3
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Wangan Midnight
Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007
Yamasa DigiWorld DX [Working Title]

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Stray_Wulf4129d ago

seriously microsoft wtf. you come out with your system first, you should have thought of all this first hand and not just copy and rip off other consoles... you heard ps3 came out with HDMI and a black finish and you decide to make a black xbox with HDMI. You hear about PS3's "PlayTV" thats been available in Europe for a while and you decide to rip it off by starting an IPTV service too and in the process even decided to add some more of what PS3 has: WiFi built in and hi-def audio output. For fvcks sake, do you guys EVER come up with your own ideas?? you might as well just rename your console PlayBox 360... If it wasnt for you guys always ripping other companies off then you wouldnt have so many microsoft haters out there... man i hope microsoft dies out soon... so sick of it.

Si-Pie4129d ago

Actually thats quite a good idea as it may sell a few as it sounds like something the guys would buy hehe.

Azurite4129d ago

Do you still need memory cards to save on Xbox360 with a HDD?

Azurite4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Xbox had an inbuilt HDD, 360 don't have it as standard.

Thanks for replying.