GeForce Kepler GK110 basic specs leaked

Fudzilla:Nvidia's crown jewel, the flagship 28nm GeForce Kepler GK110 GPU, is expected to launch in the second half of 2012 and may feature a massive die size of nearly 550mm2, according to sources at 3DCenter. In perspective, this GPU would be 87-percent larger than GK104's die size (294mm2) and we expect cost production to be signficantly higher.

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NYC_Gamer3027d ago

I guess some people are gonna be waiting for this baby instead of buying the 680.

iNcRiMiNaTi3026d ago

Yeah I was gonna get a 680 Classy but I guess I'll wait for the 685 or w/e they decide to call it

Convas3026d ago

I dunno, I want to play my games with a good framerate and nice graphics just as much as the next guy, but how much is this going to cost?

Elwenil3026d ago

$500 US. Right between the 7000 series Radeon cards. Even better news for the budget minded gamer is that the GTX 680 being priced at $500 should drive the price of the ATI cards down considerably as well as the other Nvidia cards. I'm planning a build now and will probably be bumping my GTX 570 up to a 580.

Mikhail3026d ago

Knowing Nvidia, it would be $599 as the the gtx 680 is at $499 right now.

nepdyse3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

All this power and nothing to utilize it. I've played nothing but shoddy console ports for the past few years. When are we ever going to play a game that completely utilizes the potential of the card. Yes even games like Bf3 are console ports because they're made with the lowest common denominator in mind. Imagine if Nvidia hired veteran PC developers to make a game solely with this card and an i5,i7 in mind. Sure it would be a business failure but still lol.