Opinion: From Ashes DLC is invaluable and should have been included in Mass Effect 3

From the article, "...From Ashes wasn’t like The Exiled Prince. Sebastian was clearly a complimentary character in the Dragon Age universe. I could have easily played and enjoyed the whole game without his presence and he didn’t add anything truly substantial to the canon. Javik did. He’s an invaluable voice and BioWare did all of its fans a disservice by making people pay for him..."

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C_Menz2400d ago

Agreed. I couldn't imagine playing ME3 without the added Prothean content added with the DLC.

shammgod2400d ago

I agree, sorry I accidentally hit disagree. It includes a pretty key part of the story and history of the protheans vs reapers

2400d ago
kma2k2400d ago

went against my personal ban on majority of DLC & so i missed out.