Did ME3 Get High Scores Because Many Critics Didn't Finish It?

It's very likely that many - if not most - of the critics out there didn't actually complete Mass Effect 3 before writing the review. Is this a big problem?

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thisisxboxcom2402d ago

I don't think a bad ending has anything to do with review scoring - it's about all that leads up to the ending that's most important.

I think all this fuss over an ending is sheep mentality - did you hear me cry when I played a really short campaign only to discover no ending at all in Modern Warfare 2 - hell no haha.

I think the ME3 fuss has got out of hand now.

rdgneoz32402d ago

The climatic ending to a trilogy (that is shaped by the player) has nothing to do with the review score?

I'd say not a major part, but at least 2 points in the score of the "story" of the game (1 in overall score). You can't say a game has a perfect story to it if the ending is shit. You can say the beginning and middle are perfect and give the story portion a 8.

Also, MW has never been known to have a good story to it. Its liked by millions because of its multiplayer.

wallis2402d ago

Haven't games moved on enough that they all just can't be lumped together? Modern warfare is a consumable story - you get what you're given. I didn't play mass effect 3 to play someone else's story and I don't think (considering the sheer number of complaints) that this is a particularly extreme view to have had about it.

And dismissing gamers' complaints is exactly what lets developers and publishers slip more and more stuff past us. If people put together petitions and don't gain popularity then they're mocked as pathetic and bitter, but when they get petitions they're dismissed as being sheep!? Exactly how are we supposed to communicate how pissed off we are? We can't return our games, we can't sue them because this just makes us entitled and boy are we writing angry letters but even then it's something!

Even when donations are being made to charity people still dismiss it as bitterness and anger. You think people are paying money just to be sheep and out of anger!? It's because we've got a hundred hours put into a game and we're being told to tip it down the drain.

If games want to become all that they can be as a story telling medium they need to give the player a conversation between them and the narrative - something no other medium can do quite like games. But if they're going to do that then they need to recognise the player matters in that conversation. Their decisions matter and their presence matters and so does their God damn time and expectations. If you don't want to have to take that into account then don't make a damn game that requires their input for hundreds of hours.

iMaim2402d ago

lol is the author of this a conspiracy theorist?

RedDead2402d ago

Journey to the end is brilliant though.

ginsunuva2402d ago

Yes, playing Journey until the end is great.

ThatEnglishDude2402d ago

That dead horse is still taking a beating I see...

MasterD9192402d ago

ME3 was a good game. Ending or not, it satisfied me as a fan from ME1 to ME3. I'm glad there will be more content but Bioware re-working an ending? Wow....What more do the sheeple want?

ME3 has a great multiplayer that you rarely hear about because this issue is still being dragged out. Just like the DLC issue before that. And there will be more issues down the line of course...The entire game is being tarnished because of an ending? Come on.

What a shameful month for gaming...Just awful.

Christopher2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Passable multiplayer, IMHO. I wouldn't say great. The problem are the core clunky combat controls (at least on PC). The whole 'random reward' thing is annoying as well.

But, while I agree with it being hard to accept that so much attention has gone to how the game has ended, it also shows how important it was to the community. That is also important and should be a note on how BioWare handles these sort of decision-based games going forward.

I am a bit happy to see so much uproar over a storytelling element in gaming rather than its graphics or general performance for once after a long while.

MasterD9192402d ago

There aren't many games that come out with a decent multiplayer. There are still people playing it after all...The random rewards are good because otherwise you would be buying the same items over and over again. It would become quite tedious.

I believe the only thing this shows about the community is how some of these people probably aren't or weren't fans in the first place. A lot of them come off as immature. I'm not saying Bioware isn't at fault here but the community is almost just as ridiculous for going to such extreme lengths and dragging the hell out of a dead issue (that is being resolved soon hopefully). As a developer, Bioware DOESN'T have to do anything...but they are at least going to try to.

If you hate the game, move on. Its like sitting in a movie theater after you finish watching a movie and just screaming at the screen until a new ending pops up on screen.

_Aarix_2402d ago

I still think this game should have an online OR A DAMN ONLINE PASS! There are better multiplayer games like Gears of war, Red dead, and team fortress are examples

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