Racer set to rival Gran Turismo 5: GRID

From PSM3 UK:
Codemasters are readying GRID (known as Race Driver: GRID in Europe) for summer '08 release - but the next iteration of the TOCA series has already steered into controversy. Hardcore fans are upset at the series' new street racing elements, but - don't worry - the realistic handling that TOCA is synonymous with remains.

The trackside gatherings we've seen so far in GT5 have been anemic compared to GRID's packed environments. We've yet to see if they'll be animated, but the sheer number of folk makes for an atmospheric setting.

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MK_Red4577d ago

Gotta admit that the game looks phenomenal. Looks like GT5 has finally found a racing simulator worthy of competition.

Gamingisfornerds4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

The Toca series is among my favorite out there, the diversity in these games is unmatched.

GT5 however has a slightly different approach. It's mainly focus is saloon vehicles and sports cars whereas the Toca series contains just about every vehicle class you can think of. That's what I love about the Toca series. Varied environments and vehicle classes and the ability to play it as a sim or arcade game. The options in there are endless and the graphics have always been great in the series as well.

Bring it on Codemasters!

MK_Red4577d ago

Agreed, TOCA games were incredible.
But in the end, I prefer Burnout to both GT and TOCA. I'm an arcade racer junkie afterall :)

Gamingisfornerds4577d ago

Though I did enjoy them plenty. But I'd take the Toca series over the Burnout series without hessitation.

Fortunately, we'll all get our racing needs fulfilled this year! :)

MK_Red4576d ago

In 2008 we'll indeed get our racing needs fulfilled wether they are arcadish or realisitc.
Personally, I prefer Burnout to every other racer :)
I love the series as well as Criterion's work in general. From Air Blade to Black to Burnout :)

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ngg123454577d ago

Codemasters basically edits their pics to make them look better. I'm tired of seeing this garbage, from such a low level publisher. Maybe you should make better game graphics, before I trust one of these pictures again.

MK_Red4577d ago

Have you played any of previous Race Driver games before? All versions of the game have been nominated for best racing game over the years and have one many awards. Plus, Codemasters is the publisher behind the excellent DiRT.
I'm a PS3 and GT5 fan but competition is always a good thing, not something to be angry about.

sonarus4577d ago

Forget being a GT fan that extra layer of polish GT5 will show will set it apart from all the other racing titles.

Bonsai12144577d ago

the graphics seem very similar to burnouts. but then again, i am very tired and its 3 in the morning here....

anyways, DiRT was a great game, and they definitely have the pedigree to make a good racing game. challenge GT5? we'll see. but i'm sure it'll be notable in its own way.

anyways, am i the only one who wants a next gen auto modelesta? the first one sucked, but the concept was good. hopefully someone will take it up and not screw it up badly this time.

Lord Anubis4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

where are the console version. They only have the PC version which looks good but I'm not a TOCA Guy.

THey only have pictures of the PC version.

MK_Red4577d ago

Actually, this preview is from PS3 magazine PSM3 so it must be the console / PS3 version.

felman874577d ago

is it a racing sim or an arcade racer?

MK_Red4577d ago

Previous game in series were considered PC's GT equal so they must have been serious simulators.
This one has city and looks to be a bit different but article suggests that it will keep it's realistic controls and simulation elements.

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The story is too old to be commented.