Turok Hands-on: Going back to its prehistoric roots...

In the late '90s Turok helped mould the first-person shooter scene for console gamers, but later installments saw a downturn in the dinosaur hunter's fortunes as he swapped genre-defining action for barrel-scraping tedium.

The latest installment, simply titled Turok, seeks to return the series to its roots and to wisely distance itself from 2003's clunky Turok: Evolution. Three years in the making, it updates the comic book hero's mythology by casting him as a Mohawk-sporting black ops soldier on the hunt for his former mentor and war criminal Roland Cain.

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NitrogenB4039d ago

I think this is gonna be a sleeper hit.

MK_Red4039d ago

Hopefully. Turok is franchise definitly worthy of a second chance.

heyheyhey4039d ago

this should be the ultimate title if you like massive boss fights in your fps games- blacksite doesnt even come close and neither does halo